Leisha O'Sullivan: "I took grinds for only six weeks before my oral exam and the difference in my ability to speak French was very clear. Not only did I have more vocabulary, I felt confident that I could tackle almost any question that was thrown at me.


I also went to a French boot camp that Marina was part of organising and this helped me greatly. We were given examples of questions that could be asked in the written exam, all questions that should be known in the oral exam, and were told of the most common mistakes that are made by students.


I did grinds with Marina from the mocks up until the Leaving Cert and I could not be happier that I did. We did many mock tests so that when the real thing came around I felt confident in my ability to write."



Liz Thompson: "Absolutely thrilled with the French sessions with Marina. We were initially very hesitant about the class. We wanted something very different to grinds or school, something fun and a way of increasing confidence in the language. The sessions with Marina are exactly that. A fun experience in a relaxed environment. Just what we were looking for."

Vita O' Brien, aged 10: "Bonjour! Je m'appelle Vita! I decided to learn French because the language is wonderful and I love France and wanted to learn more about it.  Marina is very kind and sometimes she gives us French bubble gum or chocolat chaud at the end.  In my opinion, it's very much fun and I meet my friends."



Hannah O' Sullivan, aged 9: J'aime la classe française!  I love French class! It's really good fun, we play games, sing songs and learn some French! Marina is really nice and sometimes we get chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) Un bonheur!


Jo-Ann Sparling: "My daughter started French classes this autumn with Aloutte Language School and simply loves it.  The classes are small, informal and great fun and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. What a great way to learn an invaluable skill! "


Oona (and Niall) Roycroft: "The adult class is great fun.  Not only have we learnt a bit of French, we also know how to cheat at cards!

Oisin's teacher at school has commented on his improvement since he started grinds with Marina.  He has learnt loads and has really gained in confidence."


Shane Hegarty: "I had some basic French from my childhood, but needed to improve my grammar and conversational French. The classes have been excellent at improving this, but have also been fun. Bérengère is a great teacher and my French has improved hugely in just a few weeks."


  Ross, aged 12: "Since I started Alouette French school I have begun a love for the language. I commonly have trouble with the language since I do Spanish in school. Marina is always helping us and asking our classes' thoughts."


Sorcha: "I did Junior Cert French last year... and found French through Alouette School a lot more enjoyable.  I feel it is really helping my oral French and is giving me much more confidence in speaking the language."


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Angela Murphy: 'Our Hannah is now in her second year at Marina's 'Bonbons' class and she  loves it!


She has baked, played street games, made a small video, done mini dramas, played french board games.all through french and lots of pantomiming.  


She is developing a lovely french accent, knows lots of simple french vocabulary and is learning about aspects of french culture in a fun and stimulating environment. Marina has both the imagination of a creative and the patience of a saint. Alouette Bonbons Rocks!'

Emer Corcoran:  a very big thank you to Ber for all her help and hard work with Aoife, Clare and Megan during their Leaving Cert year. Ber makes their class interesting and fun and I have no doubt that we will see great results from them in June 2014. I would highly recommend this language school.